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Forever Found exists to prevent, rescue, & restore child trafficking victims.


Forever Found's Objective:

Rescue and Restore one million children from slavery.


By partnering with rescue homes around the world, we can strategically rescue individual faces and support their restoration in a safe home tailored to meet their holistic needs. By supporting the needs of local counties and individual victims, we can tangibly rescue American children.


We work to prevent the sale of children in the US and abroad through:

  • Grassroots awareness programs within our communities.

  • Teaching individuals to not only be on the lookout for warning signs and how to report them effectively, but also to be aware of vulnerable and at-risk children.

  • Addressing local demand for the purchase of sex by targeted education on the reality of child trafficking.

  • Stopping the cycle of trafficking in targeted geographic regions abroad via prevention programs and encouraging rescued children to become advocates as they grow into the next generation of leaders.


There is nothing on earth more beautiful than a child, more inspiring than a child's purity and freedom, and more devastating than when these intrinsic qualities are stolen. Forever Found’s heart beats to prevent the exploitation of children, to rescue those enslaved, and to give each child the opportunity to find restoration--to BE FREE!

Zoe International

ZOE works to end child trafficking in three ways: preventionrescue, and restoration. Our goal is to rescue children from human traffickers and provide them with opportunities and support for a new path and future. 

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