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Royal Family Kids Camp
Teen Reach Adventure Camp
rfkc bday party.jpg

Volunteering at the RFKC Birthday Party

Royal Family Kids Camp &

Teen Reach Adventure Camp
Royal Family KIDS Camp(for children ages 7-11) and Teen Reach Adventure Camp (for children ages 12-15) is a residential camp in the serene mountains of Southern California where abused, abandoned, and neglected children from throughout Ventura County can experience wholesome affection, undivided attention, and unconditional love.
Activities include hiking, swimming, horseback riding, bug & lizard catching, bike riding, rock wall climbing, zip-lining, skits, music, singing, campfires, star-gazing, Bible lessons, sports & other outdoor games, “Everybody’s Birthday Party”, plus dozens and dozens of activity centers from making cookies and smoothies, to rock painting, to making bag cages, to playing dress-up and having a tea party.
For the first time, many of these youngsters will know what it feels like to have a caring “family” as counselors, a surrogate “grandma & grandpa” and “aunt & uncle”, and staff shower them with encouragement, join them in all kinds of fun games, activities, and story time… and continually affirm them through compassionate care and love.
This kind of love and security is so new for many of these children that a week at Royal Family KIDS Camp is often a life-changing experience — one that can sustain them all year long.
Playing in the pool at camp
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